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Other Instructors

All classes led by instructors other than Bahaia, are managed solely and entirely by that instructor, including all aspects of payment, registration, and communication.  If you are interested in classes with these instructors, please contact them directly via the link (underlined text below). Thank you!

ALL CLASSES CANCELLED Mid-March due to Covid-19 Stay at Home Orders


10:00am Bharatanatyam by Arushya School (6hrs)

5:00pm Intermediate/Advanced Bellydance with Liora

6:00pm Beginner/Intermediate Bellydance with Liora

7:15pm Beginner Bellydance with Lily


6:30pm Level 3 Bellydance with Bahaia, owner of Austin Bellydance

7:45pm Level 4 Bellydance with Bahaia


10:00am  Sharqui Bellydance Fitness

6:00pm  Nia with Amy Rojas

7:15pm Fundamentals  of Bellydance with Najla

8:30pm Intermediate Bellydance with Najla


6:00pm Tai Chi with Donna

7:15pm Level 1 Bellydance with Loaya

8:30pm Level 2 Bellydance with Loaya


12:00pm  Sharqui Bellydance Fitness

6:30pm Level 1 Bellydance with Bahaia, owner of Austin Bellydance

7:45pm Level 2 Bellydance with Bahaia 

4:00pm Bharatanatyam with Arushya School (4hrs) 


10:00am Beginner Bellydance with Vanessa

11:15am Beginner/Intermediate Bellydance with Rania

12:30pm T'ai Chi with Donna

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