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Somatic Sundays

 Join us for a rejuvenating journey of self-discovery, where you'll learn to regulate, detoxify, and unlock the healing potential of your lymphatic, digestive, nervous, respiratory, and circulatory systems through somatic movement, breathwork, meditation, and self- care practices.

  • All 5 meetings for $150

       (value of $175)

  • Individual class $35

What is Somatic Movement Education?

Somatic movement education is a multi-layered approach to healing and personal transformation through movement re-education and hands-on repatterning. Somatic movement is performed consciously with the intention of focusing on the internal experience of the movement rather than the external appearance or result of the movement. In somatic movement education, one lets the body inform the mind through practices that facilitate: arrival in the soma (body), novel movement coordination, and nervous system regulation. 

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