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2022 Instructors: Nisaa of St. Louis, MO & Oreet of Philadelphia, PA
& Benjamin Alderson of Badrawn (DFW)

"The ABDC in partnership with Bahaia & Austin Bellydance Studio present

a weekend of workshops, performances, live music, shopping, and celebrating.

 Join in - for the love of Belly Dance!"  

Nisaa Bio

Nisaa (Heather D. Ward) is a Middle Eastern dance instructor, performer, and researcher based in St. Louis, Missouri.  As a researcher, Nisaa focuses on the history of Egyptian dance and its professional practitioners.  Her investigations into the transition from awalim and ghawazi dance styles to classical raqs sharqi at the turn of the 19th/20th centuries led to the publication of her first book, Egyptian Belly Dance in Transition: The Raqs Sharqi Revolution, 1890-1930, in 2018.  

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Links to order Egyptian Belly Dance in Transition:


McFarland Books

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Oreet Bio

Oreet, is the creator of SharQui – The bellydance workout. She has over 25 years of experience in fitness and dance, and grew up with Israeli and Yemeni folk and Oriental dance. She is an award-winning performer and holds the titles Bellydancer of the Year, and Middle Eastern Dance Champion of North America, to name a few. Her passion is educating the world about Jewish Mizrahi dance and its relevance in Arabic Culture.

SharQui has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN, among other outlets. She’s led packed classes worldwide and have worked with thousands of men and women to realize their fitness potential as well as mentor instructors on becoming certified in the SharQui format. You can catch her teaching in the SharQui Virtual Studio, mentoring in the SharQui Instructor Academy, and view her on demand, dance and workout videos at

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Benjamin picked up his first Arabic tabla in 2006, but has a concert and marching percussion background from middle and high school. Benjamin has performed live shows with Badrawn and world music group Sombati, as well as solo performances with many renowned bellydance stars. He has also composed and recorded several tabla solos, and taught workshops in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and OKC. Benjamin is honored and excited to be invited to teach and perform in Austin again and eagerly supports the live music and dance community.


Benjamin Bio
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